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Crane specialists

Cranes come in many shapes and sizes. A modern crane is a very complex piece of equipment. In-built computers may control many of the cranes functions helping the operator to carry out operations safely and efficiently. 

People who operate and service cranes and machinery that lift loads take on significant responsibilities requiring a high level of skill and respect for safety at all times.

Crane types you have probably seen include:

  • Rubber tyred or track mounted mobile cranes moving on highways and construction sites.
  • Tower cranes swinging loads high in the air to service the construction of high-rise buildings.
  • Harbour cranes lifting huge containers off and on ships.
  • Overhead cranes in factories and warehouses moving materials and equipment.

A skilled crane operator is a craftsperson with skills that can only be developed through proper training and experience. If you enjoy working with large complex equipment then find out how you can build a career in the crane industry. 

Careers in our crane sector

If you are interested in a career in crane operations, then check out the video below to gain some first hand insight!