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Choosing your career path

The 6 vocational pathways can help students and teachers plan the journey from learning to earning. They represent a way to achieve NCEA Level 2 (or equivalent) with vocational pathways at the same time.

Students can see how their credits are valued by industry and the types of study options and job opportunities available. The pathways are flexible and enable students to change direction during the journey.

The vocational pathways can be used to plan students future career and study options by using the colour coded pathways, and easily see how students’ skills and interests relate to industry. Students Vocational Profile, on their record of achievement shows how their NCEA credits are mapped to vocational pathways. They can use their profile to show employers how their interests and qualifications relate to industry.

Why would I use the vocational pathways?

  • Identify the skills and knowledge required by employers in the workplace
  • Assist you to identify the type of jobs available and see what study is required
  • Help you to select the subject areas and standards that will help you achieve a chosen pathway or future work opportunity
  • Shows you how your learning is valued in the workplace by employers
  • Provides new ways to achieve NCEA level 2 using the pathways.

What pathways can I choose from?

  • Creative industries
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Manufacturing and technology
  • Primary services
  • Services industries
  • Social and community services